Initial Interpretations about Display Topic

Display topics that I decided to put into the design project are; Production and Industrialization & Trade and Capitalism. 

After the industrial revolution in 18th century Europe, Ottoman Empire catched this trend/revolution again late in 19th century.

And the capital city İstanbul possessed more factories, especially mechanized factories, were available more than everywhere in Ottoman Empire. Although, small-scaled manufacturers were ruling the industry before the revolution, but after 18th century, mechanized industrialization ruled the market. More nineteenth-century documentation is available in İstanbul topic especially Tophane and Tersane complexes that produced guns and ships and another places in Empire lands, for example Tokat or Diyarbakır. (Reference: Ottoman manufacturing in the age of the Industrial Revolution, Cambridge University Press, p.53, go to Link)


Another display topic is Trade and Capitalism and I think this topic and the previous topic is related and it can reflect into design decisions. In 19th century, through the invention of steam

Ottoman steamship Hifz-ur Rahman

engine in Britain, transportation become beyond the current level in 18th century. Water and land transportation gain importance and it reflected through trade topic also.  For example, in sail ships, carry capacity limit of these ships were 50 to 100 tonnes. But in steamships, it started to carry 1000 tonnes limit (reference) So, train stations and docks will be a focus point especially when the site is near by Galata.

Last display topic not decided yet.