Here comes the 4th semester of mine, with ARCH202 -Architectural Design II- course, our aim is designing a small-scaled building in the end of the term. In project, this process of making a small-scaled building is “rewinded”. So we started with the easly part which generally is the last part of the projects, this part became our first step. So we are asked to make a “thingy” which is a unique, hard to classify object in the house and without and care of function.

So here is my project (PHOTOS WILL BE UPLOADED 19th FEB.)

And here is my inspiration and research source in this project ; from “Zaha Hadid, fluidity & design”

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What did mimaring inspired from here is that, the continuity of the objects that while combining different “things”. This is the main idea of “The Thingy” in my opinion, because we were asked to do kind of a combination that is able to use in a house. The continuity obtained in here by “physical continuity” which is a quiet fine way to combine objects each other.

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