Two catholic church type were built those times, one of them is Jesuit model set by mother church in Rome. In 1560s, it was designed by Giagoma Barrozzi da vingola. Roman Baroque design of Gesu which expressive and formal progress. It is easy to show how the same basic scheme was rendered subsequently in richer. More deeply work, shadow catching surfaces. Second basic catholic church type of seventeenth century was centrally planned church, we can think that clients push them to detail and powerful craftmanship on those ages. Playing geometry of chapels was important achievement on those ages. Rhytmically, various depths within single plane were important concepts. Borromini’s architecture stamped to his own times. (1638-1642). Plans were basically oval with entrances with narrow side. Baroque architects find a unique design results from Borromini’s architecture like form of geometry, symbolism and constraints of cramped sites. His plans and geometry generated many years after him. Roman baroque was a urban style, wings extend from the buildings, but mostly one or two features energized the space naturally. Roman design especially the example of Borromini and advance well beyond it. Between 1550 and 1650, the population of capital increased from 130,000 to approximately half million. While population grew that fast, those old fancy buildings evolving into “places” for humanbeings to living in. How they managed to do that, they started to build up streets, avenues, they changed these old fancy buildings interior design and plans. There are hotels. Hotels at high important as they managing the characterictics of those times architecture. In fact, this is not something new, since 1350 A.D., this was very common actually but in this time, it start to increase its importance. General design of hotels are like this, with series of rooms that has two levels, and gardens that are following those rooms (like peristyle in Roman), but these rooms and gardens not in same axis (not like Roman). Doors of the rooms are face to face along each other and they were using a form which is called “unbroken vista”


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