By the years of 1510, there is a place called Goa which is located in the western India. At those times, Portuguese trying to become a colonized civilization and when they landed on India in colony purposes, they shocked as well as I understand. They saw amazingly different architecture in there, which is quite normal actually but they shocked as I mentioned. Portuguese built often churches right nearby Indian temples. In those times, nobody find these thing strange. With these kind of actions, Portuguese degenerete Indians, as well as they degenerete their architecture also. By the end of 16th century, Goa looks alike Lisbon so much. For an example, in the late 6th century, in Indian castles, they use a lot of grid structures and bastioned walls. But like in 17th century, their architecture looks very much like of Gothic architecture, they orienting structures with local vegetation that is growing nearby, eagles or something like those things. So in summary, the colonization struggle of Portuguese influenced the architecture of Indians well.

The American Scene

The Maya

Maya’s located in today’s eastern Mexico, Guatemala, San Salvador and Honduras. Maya architecture’s contours drawn sharply. Monuments of town mostly like, pyramid-like temples, ball courts and palaces that are covered with stone. Their normal daily public’s houses was like, windowless, one floored and sometimes a platform that is located top on those houses. With those, the houses are not proper for the residental functions. Sometimes, they built series of courts but they still conserve fully closed enclosure idea. Their construction processes generally quite distinctive. Usually they preserve the the post and lintel conditions.

The Aztecs

The scarcity of silver and gold, was Aztecs luck. That was what discourages the Spanish sailors. That is why they could save their own architectural and cultural styles because they could not effected from Spanish discoverers.

The Incas

They were active in the Cuzco since 13th century. So, Cuzco and Sacsahuaman polished mansories are visible so they used this mansory on their pyramids and some of them even was like 100 tons. He was also mentioning about this famous temple, which has a plan of a normal house, with rectangular shaped rooms and encloser walls. It was made for to called “house of God” with goldens and it was a new religious architecture of America.


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