After the fall of Granada, the Muslim culture in Spain increased itself in high manner. V.King Charles built a cathedral in the middle of Muslims. This new church orientated with the motifs of Gothic and classical. Name of this pattern is : Ionic. In the late 1500’s, Spain became a language of the Gothic architecture. In those times, Italy was the boss of Europe and 16th century was a critical period for the transitions. Old habits are dying in construction traditions also. With these, churches became the centers of Gothic architecture.


And the new era of architecture with these begins in Florance. Beginning of the 15th century, nobility class supports the Brunelleschi and the buildings were become to the generating force of an international movement. A man known as Leon Battista Alberti as known as “universal man”. He is a professional in the usage of the proportions and details and he made The Palozzo Rucellai. In every three floor, he used Doric, Ionic and Corinthian Pillors architecture. Brunelleschi is a great substitute for the Gothic design. Gothic architecture forms in an abstract dimension among all.

The topic that is discussed in Ten Books on Architecture is town planning is an old system but it is an example of the old system in good manner, so it represents a beneficial style for it and enthusiasts people.

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