First article that I want to investige is the “Thermal Scan of Egypt’s Pyramids Reveals Mysterious Hot Spots” (by Sarah Pruitt, November 11th, 2015)1. Article describes that, during the 4th dynasty of pharaohs, one of three pyramids in Egypt, Giza is one of the monuments in mankind history. That magnificent monument scanned with thermal cameras which detects the heat conditions of where they scan and the researchers found that in eastern wall of the Great Pyramid of Giza, may hint some passageways in it. I find that information is important because revealing hidden things in past may change the history. If they will find any chamber things in it, it will be cause an effect on my personal view on history like the perception of the Göbeklitepe. May be the findings that obtained from that discovery may change the history of the Egyptians. In addition to that, I definitely recommend this article for whom is in interest with the history of Egyptian dynasties. The second article which I will mention following is “Early Human-Like Species Discovered in South Africa” (by Barbara Maranzani, September 10th, 2015)2. Text tells about the story of the announcing of a new addition to man’s family tree, introducing the Homo naledi which is a strange, human-like species of primitive man. That discovery was the findings of 1,500 fossils. Couple of amateur hikers found approximately full body of an Homo naledi (naledi = star). The guy’s height was five-feet-long and was weight less than 100 pounds. This sizes refers a 1/3 of a modern time human. In my opinion, the importance of this article is day by day new kinds adding right into the family tree of man. Maybe tomorrow, a new specy will be discovered feets underground and all the information will be deleted and rewrite which is the beautiful aspect of history. That is why we all should be reading these kind of articles, especially this one because process in human history interests all. Third and the last article that I will add into this article is that, “Ancient Chinese Teeth Challenge Human Migration Timeline” (by Christopher Klein, October 16th, 2015)3. This article includes the information that discovery of new 47 teeth in a Chinese cave and it may be 20,000 years earlier from the ancient fossils of Homo sapiens which is in Africa. The shocking reality is this statement of one of the discoverers “They really look modern, but they are very old”. Like in our past assignment that was the trip of Yassıhöyük, it affects my perception as well as this. People lived in the place where I stand at that moment like 3000 years ago, so these teeth discovery felts same with that statement that I mentioned above. That was the case that interests me the way I look at historical events. Gives the man a crucial hype feeling while reading those informations. So these kind of news not changing the perception of mine, improving it. So I definitely recommend this article others at ease. So this was the review of mine about 3 news articles about the World History.



1 Pruitt, Sarah. November 11th , 2015 (

2 Maranzani, Barbara. September 10th , 2015 (

3 Klein, Christopher. October 16th , 2015 (

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