Communication with the landscape is a must for architectural design and it requests utmost information about the landscape. Not only the physical qualities of it, but also the design approach of nature itself. Like in my individual project that is going on in a peninsula in Eymir Lake, learning the language of the landscape is one of my design rules as in my shelter. The example of the Maison Carreé and Carré d’Art; is my inspiration source. We were asked to plan routes for one, five and fifteen people on the peninsula. One of my routes passing near by a rock which belongs a family of three significant rocks on the peninsula and I need a shelter approximately near that rock. So with the information above, I inspired from the Carreé’s and decided a modern look of that rock as shelter on my route for the sake of communicating with the landscape. With that idea, I just think that this is a way of communicating with the route and understanding the route. Also that idea is in a harmony either with my design approach in general which is the balance between the visual richness and the physical contact on routes, and by the material choice which is wood. So with those above, I think my design approach of the shelter that I mentioned is in a harmony with what I learn from the History of Architecture I course.

One thought on “Learning the Language of the Landscape (ARCH221 Final Draft)

  1. It is not very clear, but I assume that the architectural element that you are study in your timeline is “shelter” and you are going to study it in terms of the relation to the landscape; or the route? It is really not clear. Please clarify it before the submission of the draft time-line.

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