Rome was definitely the ‘capital of the world’ in ancient times.

Caput : Head

Mundi : World

Rome was the homeland of countless artists and also architects and has an impressive collection of paintings, mosaics, fountains and of course art of different times like, Bernini, Caravaggio, Borromini. As for architecture, Roman monuments of ancient times were characteristic. Roman architecture has a lot of significant architectural creations that are characteristic. Like arch forms of Roman’s and these kind of architectural elements were used in constancy manner all the time. The elements that are used in buildings such as openings, wet areas, decks were the forms that we can observe. Also it is actually pretty important that, which material they used in the buildings. The common material for construction were stone but the concrete were also used rarely in those times. For the understanding the soul of the Roman architecture, we need to check the characteristic Roman buildings which are located in Rome and Pompeii which were the two important culture centers of those times. Like in every civilization, Romans have their hierarchy also. There were the clientage system that is based on actually clients and society were divided by two. Poor was really poor, rich was really rich. The gap between the rich and poor were amazing. So, architecture is a reflection of society, culture and the perception like for whole time. If there is such a gap between those classes, it should of course have an impact on architecture. In that part, the Roman high-class people owned houses called Domus. In domus, there are meeting halls, public spaces called atriums, gardens back in houses called peristyles and the working offices called tricliniums. These things are basically the basis of Roman architecture.

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