Çatalhöyük, is the beginning of all these. Çatalhöyük connects Europe, Asia and The Mediterranean Sea. It has overstates tombs that inside, and the aspect of development was inevitable, as technology, which is wooden structures. With that, Indo-European people started to communicate with Asia Minor with people that is called as ‘Hittitets’. Hattutas is their capital that has streets that is organized, landmark structures and the sewerage channels. Their opponents was Egypt that is located in southwest and from southwest, Asyrians.


As I mentioned Hattusas is the capital of Hittites. As first impression, they had magnificent walls that is composed of mud-bricks. Wall was brilliant as defending front of enemies as followed the outlines of the city so it naturally supplies the natural defense. Also, the dwelling areas were complicated because of irregularity and neighboring. So the irregularity of these design elements results with the complicatory.

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