The Cave and The Sky : Stone Age Europe

From the beginning of architecture, it was already an act of creating space for people’s needs. Architecture was the thought simply as “shelter” which is a place that is closed from everywhere. But every aspect of innovations triggered and triggered by itself. For instance, fire. Fire has a lot of benefits such as; keeping animals away, cooking food, getting warmed up, cooking tools. With these much of benefits, fire become a strong space definition tool. Fire occurred a great way of defining the space with that reason. By cooking the clay on ground, stronger tools created. With building tools gathered by fire (like cooked-wooden spears), it is led to more complex structures to be made. Even in stone age, buildings was starting to built up to carry the meaning of “enclosed” spaces, like divided for purpose (rooms, workspaces). Besides a living space, caves started to become places for worshipping. That is the reason of the “cave = life” situation in those times. Like for example, in Lascaux, walls painted by bulls. But still, in old age architecture, there were a lot of drawings that express the artist’s life & occasions. In new age architecture, the food production need shaped architecture. For food production, you need settled life, adequate numbered sources. With the farms that is for production of food, human learned “rearranging” the nature for their own benefits to dominate lands for the sake of controlling the nature.