The rescuing building is the place where the 500 years ago Genoa people build and repair their own boats. Not the big ships, the small boats. This rescuing building places in Riva, Istanbul. Building stays in the back slope of the Riva beach. Building have covered an acre of the land. Rumours be like, there is one hall and one dorm to those workers to stay in there and work for couple days in straight. 3 workshops, 1 watchtower and one shelter on the basement to protect against enemy ships. But building today, is pretty wrecked. Let’s see and review.20140713_201047

When we zoom in the overlooking sea faÃçade, we directly see the section of the building.


This panoramic photo actually explains lots of things. When you look at the basement, you see how did they planted the first and the only floor. If we look close there,


It’s pretty obvious in here. They used the perpendicular woods. On the base, the vertical axe where the brackets put, the top of the ground created the perpendicular action. It seems really basic but it worked for almost 600 years successfully.

So I will give photos about the basement like this;


So the basement was like that as I observed.

And the other parts of the building is like this ;




Really don’t know what is this building, its like a church or something but I couldn’t figure it out.