What is an architectural design studio ? Design studio is where the creative work happens; it is an environment common to both architectural education and the profession. In short, place to practice professional architectural office. All the techicians and the architectures works in a harmony for one project at the same time. According to my experiences that I got em in last summer, an architectural office is a creation place. So the studio too. Of course there are differences between them, like, in studio, every student just work for their own sake. And you have deskmates around you, you have to be careful while working, wont interrupt their work. It is pretty important because you dont want to get interrupt too. And the equipment usage in studio is important too, no one can effort all the stuff that they need, economically. Whatever, no need to off-topic at the moment.

Can architectural design(architecture) be tought ? Yes, indeed.

 In his book Why Art Cannot Be Taught, James Elkins
defines six different answers to this question. To read them,
substitute the word ‘architecture’ for the word ‘art’:
1 – Art can be taught, but nobody knows quite how.
2 – Art can be taught, but it seems as if it can’t be since
so few students become outstanding artists.
3 – Art cannot be taught, but it can be fostered or helped along.
4 – Art cannot be taught or even nourished, but it is possible to
teach right up to the beginnings of art, so that students are
ready to make art the moment they graduate.
5 – Great art cannot be taught, but more run-of-the-mill
art can.
6 – Art cannot be taught, but neither can anything else.

There is kinds of toughts in this topic, but this one might be the strongest one, which you can’t argue. And in the education part, critics are the most important thing in the project progress. It’s pretty important what your professor says for your project.

1-Critic : Unresolved
1-Meaning : Needs more work
2-Critic : Interesting
2-Meaning : Strange (not fatally flawed but certainly not
making sense yet. I don’t want to de-rail your
progress though)
3-Critic : Consider
3-Meaning : Needs more thought: try this possible solution/
4-Critic : Powerful
4-Meaning : A very good idea expressed in a compelling way
5-Critic : Inventive
5-Meaning : I wish I’d thought of that!

This part was the most important thing for me in the whole text, maybe its because that I am a student at the moment. All those educations are of course important, but in the consideration of “this student is going to be a technician, or a architect” we have to underline the Bauhaus system. Bauhaus make students architect when they get diploma. Bauhaus teach to how to create. Not how to build some construct. Of course, it is my observation.

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