What happens when people talk about architecture ? For those who think it is fabulous as the Queen of England, you entered wrong place. I can not see any difference between talking bout architecture and talking bout “something”. The important thing in the assignment, and important for the last sentence is, you might have difficulties to understand some kind of archi-words sometimes, though, you can not argue with this thing. Every “category” in art or anything has their own specialities in itself. For example, “denizlik=windowsill” is a pretty much special word for architecture but it has literally worth no meaning for any whom in the public. Like this. In the beginning of the essay, this issue seems pretty important, critic but I think it’s not. And that was the arguable thing that I found in text. I mean, you must not be that certain as there was. And I found lots of thing agreeable in text of course, but the most important one for me is the, “language and languages” part. I got what it says, although, it is documented pretty undergrated. That part does not deserve the interest of its own. And the most interesting thing in text for me is that the “Build, don’t talk” part. Ok, the sentence is “architects build, they don’t talk” but, van der Rohe just “talks” about it. Of course this can’t be the interesting part that I found, I just want to open it little bit, architects can talk though. This level of certainity is wrong. Just like my professors, all the time they saying just do something or we can not comment on your project, because we can imagine different things and no one wants to lead people wrong. So that was the part that I found interesting about the first text.

Well, the second text was way more easy with the comparison with the first text. Has easy language, has clear definitons itself. The beginning part, God-the-creator part is the most interesting part that I found. Because “creating” things are most likely specified for architects. They create desings, people living in it. God does the same thing also. Creates worlds, people living in it. Of course I’m not comparing those two phenomenons, like I’m not saying, as a freshman, architect word is the synonym of God or something. Of course not. But I mostly found interesting this thing for the sake of it’s mentioned. I found arguable the “windows and doors” part. Text says it has some common points with the life. Windows seem as the new opportunities in life, and you close your doors for the activities that are not you desire for. It is already a known thing, what is the common point with the architecture ? And these were my comments on the text two. Thank you.

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